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I'm very interested in fashion, but I don't like neither mainstream fast fashion nor high fashion. I'm more interested in fashion history, alternative styles, and J-fashion. My other interests include sewing and fibre crafts, so they often intersect with fashion, as I'm often making little accessories for myself. In the future I might post some of my own outfits, but for now this is a collage of some cool outfit inspiration.

    Favorite styles:

  • mori kei / mori girl
  • lolita fashion
  • mid-20th century vintage
  • late victorian or edwardian
  • folk costumes


Historical and vintage


Still under construction, need to get my sources in order

in order of appearance:

  • Gothic and Lolita Bible
  • Cawaii
  • Choco's Fashion Book
  • Mori Girl Lessons
  • Pink House
  • Wikipedia Commons