Reading Journal

I call this a reading journal but it is in fact a log of everything I "read", as in, consume, so I include movies, tv, anime, and other media besides books. I also don't log absolutely everything I look at, just the ones that stand out to me.

    Currently reading

  • Stardew Valley (video game)
  • The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles 2 (video game)
  • Rita Lee discography (music)
  • Rita Lee Autobiography (book)
  • Mercury and Me by Tim Hutton (book)

    Read April 2024

  • Nisekoi season 1 (anime)
  • A Hard Day's Night (movie) (rewatched)
  • Yellow Submarine (movie) (rewatched)
  • The Smiths' discography (music) (relistened, I was going through a phase)
  • Viva Hate, Kill Uncle, and Your Arsenal by Morrissey (music) (still going through a phase, lol)
  • Obey me! (mobile game)

    Read March 2024

  • Jojo part 6: Stone Ocean (anime)
  • House MD season 5 (television)
  • The Little Wartime Library (book) (dnf)
  • The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles 2 (video game)
  • Nisekoi season 1 (anime)
  • Gilmore Girls (television)
  • Home Safety Hotline (video game)
  • Needy Streamer Overload (video game)

    Read February 2024

  • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion (video game)
  • House MD season 4 (television)
  • Weathering With You (anime)
  • Watamote (anime)
  • Disclosure (book)