This site's namesake and mascot, Turdus rufiventris, the sabiá-laranjeira.

Hello world! :)

still under construction

Welcome to my little personal corner of the web. I'm a bit too young to remember the old web, but the idea of reviving it seemed really fun to me, so I created this space as an alternative to my social media accounts, most of which I deleted. The internet as it is feels like a very commercial space, and I want to curate an experience for fun and not for profit.

The picture to the right is this site's mascot, the humble sabiá-laranjeira, a common bird from south america that's become a favorite of mine.

Here you'll find pictures of my hobbies and interests, such as my crochet projects on the Arts & Crafts page, or a log of my media consumption on the reading journal page. Some fun facts about the webmaster can be found on my About page. I plan to add more features in the future, but for now this site is under construction. Thank you for visiting.